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When is the inspection carried out ?


The Inspectorate modernisation programme specifies minimum inspection frequencies for permit holding facilities according to the challenges at stake in terms of protection of individuals, health and the environment :
at least once a year in the 2,000 facilities with the highest potential risks, called “priority” facilities ;
at least once every 3 years in the 8,000 facilities with sizeable challenges, called “sensitive” facilities ;
the other permit holding facilities should be inspected no less than once every 10 years.

So-called “national priority” facilities are determined by the Directorate for Risk and Pollution Prevention of the Ministry for ecology, sustainable development and spatial planning. These currently encompass :

  • upper tier Seveso sites ;
  • waste storage or disposal facilities exceeding certain thresholds ;
  • installations with significant emissions into the air, the natural environment or to a wastewater treatment plant ;
  • land spreading installations.

So-called “regional priority” facilities are determined at regional level according to the region’s industrial and environmental characteristics. They are inspected at least once every three years.

The facilities with a declaration obligation are not systematically included in the inspection programme.

The Inspectorate of classified installations can also organise one or several occasional thematic inspection programmes (for example silos, foundries etc.) ; this programme may include permit holding installations as well as those with a declaration obligation. Some of these thematic programmes are defined at national level via an instruction given by the minister in charge of ecology to the decentralised services.

Finally, an inspection is likely in response to complaints, pollution or accidents.

3Monitoring analysis3

Monitoring analysis can be carried out as part of an inspection as described above.

Furthermore, the service in charge of the inspection of classified installations defines a programme of monitoring analyses every year, generally thematic and often unannounced.