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Waste self-monitoring

3Context and challenges3

The producer of waste is responsible for this waste from production to final disposal. He must also ensure that this waste is disposed of in a duly authorised installation.

The use of a standardised monitoring receipt (BSDD : hazardous waste disposal receipt) is compulsory. This receipt is returned to the producer by the final disposal contractor following completion of the destruction or recovery operation : this document constitutes proof of waste processing.

Waste self-monitoring consists of keeping a chronological record of waste production, dispatch, receipt and treatment. The records kept by carriers and operators of installations treating non hazardous waste should be retained for at least three years. The other records should be retained for at least five years.


Decree no. 2005-635 of 30 May 2005, relative to the control of waste treatment processes, has been applicable to all hazardous waste producers, regardless of their classification system (declaration or permit) since 1st December 2005.

Certain activities or waste categories are subject to specific regulations :