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Other compulsory disclosures

In addition to self-monitoring and environmental monitoring results, the prefectural order and certain ministerial orders stipulate that the operator of a classified installation should submit periodic reports to the Prefect and/or the Inspectorate of classified installations.

The main compulsory disclosures are as follows :

  • the annual emissions disclosure (order of 24 December 2002 amended by the order of 27 December 2005) relating to significant pollutant emitters ; this should be declared on the following INTERNET address, where the specific GEREP guide can also be consulted : http://www.declarationpollution.ecologie.gouv.fr
  • the solvent management plan updated every year (article 28-1 of the ministerial order of 2 February 1998) as part of the prevention and reduction in VOC emissions (Volatile Organic Compounds),
  • annual land spreading assessment (article 41 of the ministerial order of 2 February 1998),
  • special disclosures or specific documents to be submitted, as stipulated by the prefectural permit order etc.

3Change of operator3

3Closure of activity3

3Special case of so-called “SEVESO” sites3

  • Every 3 years the operators of SEVESO sites must list all hazardous substances or preparations likely to be present in the facility (amended order of 10 May 2000). In addition, “AS” facilities (corresponding more or less with upper tier SEVESO sites) must re-examine and, if necessary, update their risk assessment every 5 years.

3Special case of facilities subject to the IPPC directive3

  • The operators of installations subject to the IPPC Directive, i.e. with significant potential impact on the environment (noted in the ministerial order of 29 June 2004), must carry out an operational assessment including an updated impact assessment every 10 years or upon request by the Prefect in case of notable change in the operating conditions.

3Obligation to declare incidents or accidents3

  • Article R512-69 of the environmental code obliges the operators of classified installations to declare “as soon as possible” to the Inspectorate of classified installations the accidents or incidents caused by the running of their installation and likely to affect the interests mentioned in article L 511-1 of the Environmental Code. This is mostly aimed at events likely to affect the safety of individuals and the environment.
  • For accidents or significant incidents, a report should then be sent to the Inspectorate within a timeframe compatible with the analysis of the events occurred. This report should specify or reiterate the circumstances and causes of the accident, the effects on individuals and the environment, the measures taken to prevent it from reoccurring and limit its medium or long-term effects (focusing on experience feedback).