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Nomenclature of classified installations

Access to the nomenclature of classified installations

3How to read the nomenclature ?3

The nomenclature of classified installations is divided into two parts :

- substances (toxic, flammable, radioactive substances…)
- activities (e.g. : food processing activities, wood, waste…)

More than one section may apply to one classified installation.

Each section is identified by a 4-digit number for which the first 2 digits characterise the type of substance or activity (e.g. : 1110 highly toxic substances, 22XX food processing activities…).

Each section offers a description of the activity as well as the possible thresholds for which a classification system is defined. There can be several thresholds for the same sub-section.

Classification systems are as follows :

- D for declaration (with an added C if the installation is subject to periodic monitoring by an approved organization)
- A for permit obligation
- AS for permit with public easement

For the installations requiring permits and permits with easement, a radius of public notification is indicated, i.e. the minimum radius of public notification in kilometres around the installation to be complied with for public enquiry.

3What are the different categories of the nomenclature ?3

3Substances and preparations :3

- 11XX : Toxic
- 12XX : Combustive
- 13XX : Explosive
- 14XX : Flammable
- 15XX : Combustible
- 16XX : Corrosive
- 17XX : Radioactive
- 18XX : Water reactive

Harmful, irritating or sensitising effects are not yet subject to specific sections in the nomenclature of classified installations.

3Activity sectors :3

- 21XX : Agricultural activities, animals
- 22XX : Food processing activities
- 23XX : Textiles, leather, animal skins
- 24XX : Wood, paper, cardboard, printing
- 25XX : Materials, minerals and metals
- 26XX : Chemicals, specialty chemicals
- 27XX : Waste
- 29XX : Miscellaneous

It should be noted that certain installations are still subject to 3-digit sections because the revision of the nomenclature has not been completed for these installations.

3Where can the nomenclature of classified installations be consulted ?3

The nomenclature of classified installations is published in the Official Journal and reiterated in brochure no. 1001 of official journals. It can be consulted by contacting the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Prefecture (office in charge of classified installations) or the DRIRE. The Ministry for ecology, sustainable development and spatial planning also publishes a brochure updated after each modification.