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The Inspectorate carries out environmental policing missions amongst industrial and agricultural facilities. These missions aim at preventing and reducing hazards and nuisances associated with the installations in order to protect people, the environment and public health. They are structured around three major aspects :

- regulatory supervision : examination for permit applications, propose operational requirements, process activity closure files,

- monitoring of classified installations : on-site inspections, examination of the reports provided by external checking bodies, analysis of operating procedures and of studies issued by the operator…

- provision of information for operators and the public.

These actions, carried out at all operation stages of the installations, are not limited to mere regulatory compliance checks. They are also aimed at ensuring that operators control the environmental impact associated with the running of their installations and the risks for the local residents’ health and safety. However, they are not designed to guarantee workers’ safety, as this is the responsibility of labour inspection services.

Guidelines for the Inspectorate of classified installations

Inspectorate of classified installations – Presentation brochure