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Inspection schedule

An inspection generally breaks down as follows :

  • a launch meeting, so that the inspector can identify the contacts present, announce or reiterate the themes of the inspection or even identify the documents to be provided during the inspection ;
  • monitoring on site, premises and installations, of the operating and regulatory compliance conditions, accompanied by a representative of the operator ;
  • a closing meeting during which the operator can provide additional elements and the inspector outlines the non-compliances observed and envisaged actions.

The duration of these different phases depends on the size of the company and issues at stake.

The inspection is followed by a letter summarising the inspector’s main conclusions. This letter is either sent by the Prefecture or the service in charge of inspections.

The inspection also results in a report by the inspector. This report enables the Inspectorate to keep a record of the running of the installation ; it also allows the inspector to discuss the possible actions to be undertaken following the inspection with his superiors and the Prefecture.