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How to prepare for the onsite inspection ?

In all cases, the best solution is to have in-depth knowledge of the regulatory references, have a copy of these references available and constantly monitor installation compliance.
This prevents unpleasant surprises, notably in case of an unannounced inspection.

In the case of announced inspections, the inspector of classified installations informs the operator of the inspection date and theme. He generally requests the preparation of documents relating to this theme so that the inspection is more efficient for all those involved.
The presence and availability of specific people may also be required to accompany the inspector, discuss certain technical issues or implement certain operational requirements stipulated by the orders that the Inspectorate wants to verify (availability and efficiency of detection or intervention resources in case of accident, for example, such as fire extinguishing systems ).

In particular, if the preparation highlights non-compliances, these should be looked at in advance in order to examine their causes with the inspector and envisage with him the procedures and timeframe necessary to correct these non-compliances.