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Declaration obligations

3Declaration process3

Any installation operated or held by an individual or corporation, whether public or private, likely to be hazardous to the environment or the health or safety of local residents, is subject to the provisions of:

The first step is to consult the nomenclature of classified installations in order to define the category of the installation.

If at least one of the installations has a declaration obligation and none of them exceeds a permit threshold, the installation has a declaration obligation. In this case, the operator must send a declaration application to the Prefecture. Once application compliance has been verified, the prefect issues a declaration receipt.

The undeclared operation of an installation with a declaration obligation results in a potential 75,000 Euro fine for the operator. The same goes for the operation of an installation which does not meet the general or specific requirements applicable.

3Standard order – special operational requirements3

Along with the declaration receipt, the prefect provides the operator with the general operational requirements applicable to the installation constituting the minimum precautions to be complied with.
These general requirements can be completed at any time by specific provisions established by prefectural order issued after consulting with the relevant Departmental Council for the environment and health and technological risks (CODERST) or the Sites, Nature and Landscape Council for quarries.

3Change in operation3

The operator must:

  • declare the changes affecting the operation (extension, change, activity closure, site safety etc.);
  • indicate all accidents or incidents occurring due to the operation of his installation.
  • inform the potential successor of their obligation to issue a succession declaration.
  • submit to monitoring by the Inspectorate of classified installations and provide them with any document or information to help them update his file.