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Declaration application

Anyone wishing to start up an installation with a declaration obligation should first and foremost send three copies of an application to the Departmental Prefect – Environment Office, consisting of:

  • a declaration mentioning:
    • in the case of an individual: surname, first name and home address.
    • in the case of a corporation: denomination, legal form, head office address as well as the title of the signatory of the declaration.
    • the address where the operation is to be set up.
    • the nature and volume of activities envisaged as well as the accurate and complete heading of the nomenclature section(s) they come under.
    • the treatment method for wastewater and any type of emissions as well as waste disposal.
    • planned measures in case of accident.
  • a cadastral map within a 100 metre range.
  • a 1/200 scale (minimum) site plan, accompanied by legends and, if necessary, descriptions of the general layout of the installation and indicating:
    • the contamination level up to at least 35 metres from the installation, of the adjoining constructions and land;
    • an outline of the wastewater disposal piping system up to the public sewer.
      IMPORTANT: all documents must be dated and signed by the declaring person.