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Compulsory periodic inspections

3Context3 The operator is required to

  • carry out the self-monitoring and preventative maintenance of his installations ;
  • have all periodic inspections specified by the legislation (Environmental code, Labour Code, …) carried out by an approved body or an organisation authorised by the Ministry or the Prefect of the relevant department. Self-monitoring procedures are carried out in addition to these compulsory verifications.


Periodic inspections are notably specified by :

  • the general legislation applicable to the installations with a declaration obligation, stipulated in article L512-11 of the Environmental Code ;
  • order of 28 January 1993, relative to lightning protection installations ;
  • order of 30 December 2002, relative to waste storage facilities ;
  • order of 22 June 1998, relative to the water-tightness monitoring of flammable liquid storage and piping systems
  • order of 11 May 1970, relative to the safety regulations on pipeline transport structures for combustible gas ;
  • order of 12 January 2000 relative to the water-tightness monitoring of the elements guaranteeing the confinement of refrigerants used in refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment

Other regulations also apply to classified installations, notably :

  • under the French labour code : decree no. 88-1056 of 14 November 1988, relative to the monitoring of electrical installations ;
  • under the ministry for industry : law no. 571 of 28 October 1943 and decree no. 99-1046 of 13 December 1999 on the monitoring of pressure equipment ;
  • under traffic regulations : law no. 263 of 5 February 1942 and order of 1 June 2001 (known as ADR order) relative to the road transport of hazardous substances ;
  • under insurance regulations : APSAD rules (Assembly of French Insurance Companies) relative to the verification of fire protection equipment.