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Changes of the installations

3Which changes should be reported ?3

The operator must report :

- a new activity within the scope of the nomenclature of classified installations ;
- an increase in storage or production volumes ;
- the transfer of a production line or storage area within the facility (likely to result in a change in noise level, change in risk areas…) ;
- a change in storage conditions (for example, accident scenarios can be modified by switching from underground to overhead storage conditions) ;
- an extension of operating periods (likely to affect noise, traffic, exposure time…)
- a change in raw materials or processes making it necessary to review associated risks ;
- …

Note : partial closure of activity also constitutes a change. Please refer to the corresponding chapter (declaration – permit) for the appropriate approach.

3Significant changes ?3

Throughout the lifecycle of the facility, the operator can implement changes in its activity.

- Non significant changes : The operator must simply notify the inspectorate.
- Significant changes, resulting in no significant hazards or inconvenience : The operator is required to notify the Inspectorate of classified installations. These changes must be presented to the CODERST. Additional requirements are defined to take these changes into account.
- Significant changes likely to result in significant hazards and inconvenience : A permit application should be made as per articles R512-2 to R512-10 of the environmental code.

3Elements to be provided to decide upon the choice of procedure ?3

1. Provide a detailed list of authorised or declared classified installations already present on site, specifying the authorised or declared capacity as well as the location of the installations on the site.

2. Provide a detailed description of the envisaged changes or extensions (quantitative, qualitative elements, plans…), specifying their situation in relation to the nomenclature of classified installations in connection with the current situation as previously described.

The Inspectorate of classified installations can be provided with a summary table, for example in the format indicated below :

Section NameAuthorised installations (nature / Capacity)Installations after changes (nature / capacity) System before changesSystem after changesComments
... ... ... ... ... ... ...

3. Specify the impact of the changes on the potential risks and nuisances of the facility :
- evolution in water intake conditions ;
- evolution in emission volume per category (water, air, waste…) ;
- risk evolution ;
- …

4. Mention envisaged preventive measures within the framework of the project.