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Change in operation


  • L512.15 of the environmental code
  • Articles R512-33 and R512-34 of the environmental code

The Prefect must be informed, prior to its implementation, of any modification made by the applicant to the installation, operating method or environment, likely to result in a significant change in the elements of the permit application, with all background information. If necessary, the Prefect imposes additional operational requirements after consulting with CODERST.
If he deems, upon advice from the Inspectorate of classified installations, that the modifications are likely to result in new hazards or nuisances, the Prefect asks the operator to submit a new permit application.

3Change of operator3


  • Article L512.16 and L516.1 of the environmental code
  • Article 23-2 and 34 of decree no. 77.1133

Activity not subject to the existence of financial guarantees: when a classified installation changes its operator, the new operator must declare to the Prefect within one month of his appointment. This declaration should mention:

  • in the case of an individual, the surname, first name and home address of the new operator
  • in the case of a corporation, its name or legal denomination, legal form, head office address as well as the title of the person signing the declaration. The Prefect issues a sender’s receipt.

Activity subject to the existence of financial guarantees: the change of operator must result in a permit application sent to the Prefect, with documents attached establishing the new operator’s technical and financial capacity and the provision of financial guarantees. The Prefect must make a decision within three months of receipt of the application, by means of an additional order issued after consulting with CODERST.