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2006 key figures

*definitive data as of 31 July 2007

3Facilities subject to the legislation on classified installations3

There are currently approximately 500,000 facilities subject to the legislation on classified installations in France according to their activity, the nature and quantity of products stored or implemented, including :

- roughly 450,000 installations with declaration obligations.
- roughly 54,000 facilities with at least one installation required to hold a permit, including :

    • 19,150 livestock farms
    • 7,000 IPPC [1] (of which 3,100 livestock farms)
    • 5,100 quarries
    • 1,204 facilities presenting major risks of accident (SEVESO), including 657 Seveso upper tier sites (of which 23 underground storage facilities subject to the mining code) and 547 Seveso lower tier sites.

3Resources available to the services3

The Inspectorate has 1,200 full-time equivalent employees to conduct its missions (i.e. 1,500 inspectors)


- 30,040 on-site inspections carried out.
- 2,740 new permits issued (new installations or extensions).
- 3,900 additional orders issued to complete specifications relative to existing installations,
- Over 3,000 formal notices to comply issued by the Prefect to enforce specifications.

In the case of non compliance with the legislation, inspectors can propose criminal or administrative sanctions. Thus, the following was enacted for all classified installations :

- 1,575 penalties
- 360 administrative sanctions (including consignment, suspension or closure).

[1] European directive stipulating that Member States should implement an integrated industrial risk and pollution prevention legislation. The “classification” criteria of the directive are not as broad as those of the classified installations legislation, hence the difference between the 54,000 facilities requiring permits and the 7,000 IPPC sites.